Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fashion Trend of the Week: Eggplant Purple and Olive Green

Walking around campus this week, I couldn’t help but notice two new popular colors—eggplant purple and olive green. They are everywhere, from sweaters to corduroys to everything in between!

Purple and green jackets are the most popular way to wear these colors right now. Most people choose purples and greens that are pretty dark in order to tone down the jacket, and this is definitely a good choice. A lime green jacket is a pretty big statement to make on campus. But more power to you if you would like to give it a shot! A lot of these jackets, considering they are pretty fashion-forward, feature cool details such as metallic buttons or interesting closures. If you are looking to get a gemstone-colored jacket, it is a good idea to look for something with an interesting detail or a unique style in order to set yourself apart from the crowd. Personally, I like this jacket from sheknows.com (right). Not only does the jacket feature metallic buttons, but the flaps by the shoulders, as opposed to a simple collar, offer a different take on a common style. Although a guy cannot wear the purple jacket below, there are definitely some great options out there. For example, the Buffalo Jeans Jacket below is a way to wear dark green while still looking cool (below).

If you want to be unique, colored corduroys are the way to go. Most people get that orange-rust color, navy blue, and black, but stand out by wearing olive green or purple ones. Stores such as the Gap offer a lot of different colors and styles of corduroys, giving you the ability to pick out a style and color that fit your personal style. The olive green pair (at right) even offer 5 pockets! Guys, this is the perfect style for you! Most of you already wear corduroys around campus, so test-drive a new color for a while—you’ll be glad you did!

These two colors have been all over the runway as stylish colors for this fall and winter. Designers such as Jill Stuart and Oscar de la Renta had models in purple on their runways back in October (you can see their styles to the right). Marc Jacobs and Burberry Prorsum had models wearing olive green, as pictured below, which illustrates the growing “military trend” of the past year or so.

Olive green and eggplant purple are highly fashionable this season. I would definitely take a look this weekend to see if you can find some great Black Friday deals on some of the trendiest clothes this season, especially if the item comes in olive or eggplant. Then you are good to go!

-Lisa Fierstein '14


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