Thursday, May 6, 2010

20 Sweet: Guest Contributor

Guest 20 Sweet contributor Roger Wang checking in....

You all had an amazing weekend filled with music and partying, apologies aside to those who had work to do. (Major kudos to those who went to Bamboozle on Sunday--I bet MGMT/Girl Talk/Wiz Khalifa/MC Chris AND KE$HA were amazing). However, now that the music's gone, how will you possibly make it through reading period? Well, here's a 20 Sweet to make writing those Dean's Date assignments that much easier. I’ve got a Half-and-half to get you through the last week of classes. The first 10 tracks are songs with “Tiger” in the artist name or title. I share some of my favorite mash-up artists in the second 10 songs. Did I leave something out? Hate a song? Leave a comment below.

1. Miniature Tigers – “Cannibal Queen”

a. The motivation for publishing this list was when I found out Miniature Tigers was coming to Tower, as I’ve had this Tiger-themed playlist for a while now, and thought that this would be a great time to share it.

2. Fear of Tigers – “Study Hard Drugs School”

a. One of my newest favorite artists, FoTs has some great remixes too (See below!).

3. La Roux – “Tigerlily”

a. Someone has been quoting La Roux on Goodcrush. I swear it’s not me.

4. First Aid Kit - “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” (Fleet Foxes cover)

a. Swedish sisters covering Fleet Foxes—an amazing duet.

5. Tigersapien – “Used to Be (Clockwork Remix)”

a. An amazing remix, filled to the brim with heavy synths, and a sick, danceable beat.

6. Love Grenades – “Tigers in the Fire (Wayfarer Remix)”

a. The youtube video doesn’t do justice to Elizabeth Wright’s voice

7. The Republic Tigers – “Buildings and Mountains”

a. I don’t know how I felt when I found out that they were featured on “Gossip Girl”, so make your own judgment.

8. Maluca – “El Tigeraso”

a. 4 words: Soda cans in hair. For full drama, check this out.

9. Tiger Trap – “You and Me”

a. An oldie, but also an Indie

10. Drunken Tiger – “I Want You”

a. I’ll end with a curveball--Korean rap. The violin loop evokes feeling of lost love, but the lyrics are hardly as pure as the strings suggest. Best to just sit back and enjoy the bliss of ignorance. Translation here.

And now for some of my favorite mashups. Albums uploaded onto file-hosting sites have been authorized by the artist.

11. Divide & Kreate – “Dance Dreams” - (Lady Gaga – “Just Dance” vs. Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”)

a. One of my favorite mash-up artists, check out his website:

12. The Hood Internet – “Melodies, Desires, & Charlotte” (Lykke Li – “Melodies & Desires” vs. Booka Shade – “Charlotte”)

13. DJ Gordon Gekko – “Know My Drugs” (Fear of Tigers - “Study Hard Drugs School” vs. Nas – “You Know My Style”)

14. Mashed Taters – “Bad Temperature” (Sean Paul – “Temperature” vs. The Bloodhound Gang “The Bad Touch)

15. DJ Abunai – “Apologize For Takin’ Over” (DJ Khaled – “We Takin’ Over” vs. One Republic “Apologize”)

a. Also check out his Summer and Winter Mashups albums—Notable songs: “Phone Sex Is Super Fun” (Soulja Boy vs. Ronald Jenkees), and “Jus a Pokemon” (Dizzee Rascal vs. the Pokemon Theme Song)

16. DJ Euphony – “My Blue Monday” (Black Eyed Peas – “My Humps” vs. New Order “Blue Monday”)

a. Other great tracks: “Lean With It – In Allegro” and “Remember the G-Slide”

17. DJ Fergie Ferg – “Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue…”(Various Artists)

a. Liked “Aladin”? Check out “Make Way For Prince Fergie”

18. Whole-Z – “The Dome Show” (Three 6 Mafia – “I’d Rather” vs. MGMT – “Kids”)

a. Inappropriateness of mixing a song about oral sex with a song that samples the sound of kids on a playground: very high.

b. Check out “Magic Kryptonite” and “What is Twista”

19. White Noise – “Vader Is Luke’s Father” (Various Artists)

a. Make sure you watch “Citizen Kane”, “Fight Club”, “Titanic”, “The 6th Sense”, etc. before downloading the song’s album “Spoiler Alert”

b. List of what he samples here

20. Torpeedoh – “Anything Goes”(Various Artists…and the theme to “The Office”)

a. Album is ok, but check out “Take Me Home Tonight”


AU79 - “That Song Everybody Likes” (Various Artists)

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