Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fashion Trend of the Week: Phone Cases

Since the holidays are right around the corner (or for some they have already passed), I thought this week's fashion trend should also be a great gift idea. After searching far and wide, there is one gift that is perfect for everyone and anyone, no matter their style, age, or gender. What is it? A phone case!

Phone cases serve many purposes. First and foremost, they protect your phone. Duh. A good phone case is worth its hefty price tag, considering it is MUCH cheaper than purchasing a new phone nowadays (a new Blackberry costs about $450). Also, phone cases can put your personality on display. Whenever you text, talk on the phone, or check e-mail, everyone around you can see what your phone says about you. For girls, phone cases serve them well on weekend nights when they go out to the Street. Some phone cases, especially gel skins, allow you to put your prox and some cash in them, which means you don’t have to bring a purse or wallet with you to the Street—you simply need your phone!

If you don’t want to make an extreme statement with your phone case, go for something like a gel skin or a plain hard case. Gel skins are VERY popular for Blackberrys. On E-bay, you can get 5 Blackberry skins for about $6, including shipping. There is nothing cheaper than that! However, you must be aware that every make and model of Blackberry is different—be sure to get a skin that is for your Blackberry!

Although gel skins are enough protection for a Blackberry, a touch-screen phone such as a Droid or an iPhone really require a hard case of some sort. This Talon case for the Droid X runs only $14.95 and comes in 3 different colors. For iPhones, there are many options, but Belkin and Incase are the two top brands. At Best Buy, these cases will run you about $30, but they are very durable and come in a multitude of colors. For all other phones, your best bets are SPECK cases. Although most stores don’t carry them, you can still find them online at speckproducts.com.

If you want to make a statement, go for a “blinged out” case. These cases are covered in rhinestones (or real Swarovski crystals if you REALLY want to go all-out) and will certainly draw some curious glances. These are most easily found at the little kiosks in the mall or at fashion-forward boutiques, such as Niko Niko in Princeton. You can get any design you like, from skull and crossbones to stars or leopard print. One thing you need to be aware of when purchasing a bedazzled case is that quality is VERY important. You want the sides to look as seamless as possible and you want the stones to be evenly spaced. Although you can get low-quality cases for as low as $15, a high-quality bejeweled case costs around $40.

If you have butter hands and can’t help but drop your phone ALL the time, then an Otterbox is a good option for you. Otterbox cases, meant for those who are very tough on their phones, are indestructible. Although the case just about doubles your phone in size, you literally cannot break your phone. Not only can you throw it across a tile floor, but you can throw it in the pool and your phone will be perfectly fine! It may seem ridiculous, but it works! Otterbox cases retail for about $50.

To be honest, phone cases never go out of style (I mean, who wouldn’t want to protect their phone?), but they are an integral part of your style choice on a daily basis. Make sure you choose a phone case you love and it will always be able to brighten your day. Cases make a great gift for friends, family, or even yourself!

--Lisa Fierstein '14

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