Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom: A Compilation of Prince Comments

The comments inspired by Prince articles are often well-reasoned and insightful, sometimes vitriolic – and often hilarious. Below are some…provocative reader responses to Charlie Metzger’s Wednesday column, “Going gaga,” as well as Will Saborio’s review of Lil’ Wayne’s latest.

“Going gaga”

wonderful article.....I am equally fascinated by her-what little I have glimpsed of err ....her...scandalous!I might go see her show if she ever shows up in my town! – Posted by gin, scandalized to the point of incoherence.

ha. i still love lady gaga with a heartbreaking passion, but this article was fab. made my day! thanks Charlie. also, you’re really, really tall. – Posted by 11, who shows us how to support an opinion with objective (completely unrelated) facts.

Excuse me sir, but it should be noted that the costume designer for Star Trek was in fact William Ware Theiss and not Gene Roddenberry as you fallaciously imply. I will be writing to your editor about the grievous error you have made as a result of the shoddy standards that typify this periodical. – Posted by AH, who tries a little too hard.

lol collegec – Posted by college.

right on! as an English major who graduated in 2006, I still love to overanalyze everything, and occasionally draw parallels where they need not be drawn. When I saw this video, the first thing I thought was: “Faulkner, ‘A Rose for Miss Emily.”’ Gaga is Great! – Posted by sarlove; I included this kindred spirit because that’s totally what I thought of, too.

“Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ makes a strong case for contraception”

your negitive words are only going to fuel your desire to be negitive which leads to only you to go down the wrong path
– Posted by wheelz…or Confucius?

Shut up your an idiot you suck at everything. Wayne is perfect you are a suckfest. He makes blind money, money you will never see.. Free Weezy –
Posted by Wayne...who might be seven given his use of the classic “Shut up you idiot” construction. Also I don’t get it – if the money is blind then it can’t see me, right?

I am a lil wayne liker and I thunk his freaking sweet so get off his back! – Posted by von von who has a distinctive voice

Rebirth is by far an awsome album.Your negativity shows your stupidness in the musical culture maybe you need more of Weezy's music in your life you dumb homo – Posted by Faith. What’s the difference between “stupidity” and “stupidness?” Only one is a real word. Also I like the random “no homo” interjection at the end there…is he defensively claiming straightness or did a gay man suddenly try to steal his keyboard?

Lil Wayne has done something that most people are afraid to do. He is a genius in himself and the music he has. Go learn something in school before u get into the journalism game, hopefully u never do cuz ur paper would probably be the worst selling one. Free Weezy!! His album Rebirth is a jump from rap to rock for him, give him a break most of the artists now a days cant even compete with Lil Wayne. Its sad cuz IM A WHITE CHICK whose into rock and im a big fan of his and I can even tell when its good or not so go take ur head outta ur ass cuz hes trying to make something of himself and ur a pathetic little journalist whose life is to try and ruin someone good. so please and thank u if u will never post anything again, change majors, go into something else. – Posted by ~*~missmiss~*~ I don’t think she goes here.

-Allie Shea '12

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