Monday, February 8, 2010

Trend of the Week: Feb. 8, 2010

After much careful observation, I come to bring you the Princeton fashion trend of the week. This week's trend certainly has taken Princeton by storm (pun intended). If you recall, it snowed quite a lot this weekend, and students responded by breaking out snow boots of all shapes and sizes. But the trendiest and preppiest of them all could be seen in none other than ... L.L.Bean.

The trusty Bean Boots, sometimes known as "duck boots," are the go-to pick of many Princeton students (male and female alike). Their combination of leather and rubber is certainly not stylish it its own right: the boots are clunky, and may remind you of what your dad wears to shovel the driveway. But, they are classic American (they have been in production in New England for nearly a century), and Princeton students naturally gravitate toward their preppy appeal.

When paired properly, with skinny jeans or even tights for girls, and a good-fitting pair of jeans for guys, the boots can make an outfit work. They'll also help you avoid slipping in the snow - something I have become a bit too familiar with.

-Allie Weiss '13

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