Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom: A Compilation of Prince Comments

This week, comments were less funny than normal and more unabashedly vicious. This is counterintuitive, since the gorgeous weather ought to inspire cheery whistling and general good fellowship. I guess the most dedicated commenters tend to avoid sunshine and other humans…?

Oops, maybe that was also a little mean.

Below is one example of an article that engendered some grade-A mean-spiritedness.

Comments on “How to be a rebellious yet refined Princetonian”

“im gonna remember this writer's name and should it ever come across my desk as a potential hire, ill remember how utterly worthless and stupid this piece is. why do princeton students insist on trying to appear witty and interesting. its a gift, that sadly, felipe, like many other prince writers, does not have.” – Posted by old ivy. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed/forgot to have his bran this morning/needs a chill pill/is kind of a meanie.

“Felipe's column is the tits” – Posted by JV. I enjoy JV’s positivity and intend to use the expression “the tits” as often as humanely possible.

“Hahaha how does everyone care so much about this crap? Really? Get a life, commenters. Take care of that acne problem you probably have and go outside for once.” – Posted by seriously??, who seems to suggest that the verbal bile exchanged on the Prince’s comment boards is stored in zits. Ew.

“Wow, is Haterade™ on sale at CVS or something? This was actually witty and entertaining. Props to Felipe, keep playin' the game.” – Posted by w. Lol “HateradeTM.” When I am feeling pissed-off I prefer GloweradeTM, but both get the job done.

News about the Dinky, however, inspired less spite and more heartfelt emotion.

Comments on “Bus service may replace Dinky”

“the form of Town Government, Brian Lesh and other apologists, would try and take it away from us. Small Government should protect us from socialists and redistributors, not join with them.

Jefferson weeps.

Reagan cries.” – Posted by Rutherford B. Hayes

“BRAAAAAAINS? *cries*” – Posted by Zombie Reagan

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo” – Posted by Tiger

There seems to be a general consensus about this among Princeton students…

“it would be sad for the Dinky to die; can't they just add more cars to it? It's so fun, the way it just dinks a long” – Posted by ‘07’07’07

-Allie Shea '12

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