Sunday, April 18, 2010

Singles of the Week: Apr 18, 2010

Electronic: LCD Soundsystem – “Drunk Girls”

As the first single off LCD Soundsystem’s forthcoming album "This is Happening," “Drunk Girls” is no sharp departure from LCD’s usual strategy. The repetition is there (“Drunk girls! Drunk girls!”), the driving beat of “North American Scum” is there, and the track has enough random unexpected high-pitched yells to keep you fully satisfied. It’s hard not to think of the Beastie Boys on “Girls” when you hear this track, but as a simple party anthem to get you going, it does the job.

-Sara Wallace ‘12

Indie: We Have Band – “Honey Trap”

London trio We Have Band features this dance hit on their debut album “WHB.” “Honey Trap” is a 21st century spin on electro-pop pioneers like Depeche Mode, radiating its disco sensibilities in bouncy bass lines and a poppy dance chorus. Any listener ready to get down and party will be more than satisfied -- in the end, We Have Band proves over and over that they are quite simply, catchier than a honey trap.

-Lisa Han ‘13

Indie: Los Campesinos – “Romance is Boring"

Brit pop is not new. But Los Campesinos kind of are. The band is coming to Terrace Club all the way from the UK this coming Friday. They're bound to play one of their most popular songs, "Romance is Boring," and if you have the same kind of response to it as I did when I first heard it, you'll be headed over to TFC ASAP. The Welsh pop band writes cheeky, fun songs that have spunky lyrics ("I am a pleasure cruise/You are gone out to trawl"), and their message about young, drunken love is one that we can probably all relate to.

-Jess Turner ‘12

Electronic: Jokers of the Scene – “Baggy Bottom Boys”

If you've been vibing on electro and house music, like I have, then you'll love "Baggy Bottom Boys." Jokers of the Scene are some of the best young DJs and producers out there right now, and they've been endorsed by A-Trak, arguably the most reputable and famous DJ in the game. Check this track out and get yourself to a club, and things will get very sweaty very fast.

-Kiran Gollakota '13

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