Monday, October 25, 2010

Fashion Trend of the Week: Brightly Colored Accessories

Everywhere you look on the Princeton campus, you see students wearing blacks, whites, and creams. Most people are wearing some form of dark-colored jacket or sweatshirt on top, and jeans on the bottom. However, some people, who don’t want to look just like everyone else, are trying out a new style this week—wearing bright colored accessories.

Girls are quickly picking up on this fashion trend. Bright colored scarves can be spotted all over campus. Reds and pinks are especially hot right now, but bright blues are becoming more popular. Pastel colors are rarely seen right now. Pastels tend to look faded and bland, especially when the rest of your outfit lacks color. Plaid scarves are pretty popular right now, but if you are looking for a more unique look, try to purchase a scarf with a cool pattern on it. Colored animal prints and polka dots can spice up any outfit.

Another way people are wearing this style is in their backpacks. Backpacks are now made in every shape, size, and color, so be sure to express yourself! Wearing a bright red backpack definitely says more about you than a plain black one. However, your backpack doesn’t have to be bright red to show off your personality. A more subtle way of showing who you are is by having a black backpack with some design or interesting detail on it. As long as the detailing or pattern is brightly-colored, you can get away with the “blackpack.” My personal favorites are from Jansport, which offers a variety of different styles and colors for both guys and girls. The backpack, pictured right, uses bright pink circles to brighten up an otherwise dull backpack.

Probably the easiest way to incorporate some brights into your outfit is to wear Princeton attire. Considering our school colors are orange and black, any piece of Princeton clothing will have a pop of color. Most commonly, students wear sunglasses that have orange arms, usually bearing the year you will graduate Princeton. Given out at different sporting events and the like, these glasses have become quite popular here. Residential college gear is also a good way to go. Most of the colleges have given out great outwear this fall, all bearing some bright pop of color. Forbes sweatpants, although black, have white and red writing that is pretty in your face. Mathey fleeces bear the college’s name and shield in bright red, providing a subtle yet bright pop to the all-black jacket.

Bright colored accessories and accents are all over campus now. Every morning, try to pick out something that has a little pop of color. Don’t let midterms get you down! Keep spirits up by wearing something bright and fun! Bright colors are definitely the way to go.

--Lisa Fierstein '14

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