Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom: A Compilation of Prince Comments

Article: Where’s the Orange and Black?

If we’re just basing it on the number of comments on the article, Princeton students definitely have lots to say about our football team. Amid the many vitriolic 5-paragraph essays, complete with thesis, primary source, and conclusion, defending the fact that students DID have face paint, we found these little gems of truth, proving that a few words could go very far.


Posted by Peems

I sweat, bleed, excrete, and egest Orange and Black.


Posted by RAWRist

Yo... I was painted up for the game. My fat rolls were tiger stripped. My mother and your mother would have cringed.

Tmi, dude.


Posted by G-Ro

Wow. We come from a very open nation where people are free to express their opinions without fear of repercussion. But upon reading this article, I am forced to call into question the securities guaranteed First Amendment. Some people really need to be censored and their verbal diarrhea forced into the privacy of their own head.

Yup, my first thoughts exactly after I read this article seemingly about football tailgate, yet with so many implications for the fundamental nature of American’s right to free speech…


Posted by elder

What's this? RAWR has been impugned? Call the councils together. Sharpen the sticks! Light the fires! Drum tum tum tum. Drum tum tum tum.



A Princetonian envious of DUKE! Ha!

Just made a Duke student’s day…


Of course, in the middle of the fray, there is Bob Turkey, who would’ve led the wave of support, if only he had been in the right place…

Yeah, I couldn't find the Prince tailgate anywhere. What's up with that?


Posted by Get Over Yourself Already

The fact that Princeton students have the peculiar habit of "sipping beer from styrofoam cups" instead of spraying it all over each other is because the latter behavior isn't integral to football fandom - it's just a waste of beer. And Princeton students are too smart to waste beer.

We are so practical!


Posted by lax

The truth is no one here knows how to tailgate, unless they are members of the men's lacrosse team. Everyone else sucks.

We formally apologize that not every one of us can be a lax bro…

-Grace Ma ‘14

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