Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Princeton Trend of the Week: Midterms Malaise

Cough. Hack. Sneeze.

These are probably sounds you’ve been hearing a lot recently.

Princeton students seem to have contracted a myriad of fun ailments just in time for midterms. From the common cold to bronchitis to the always attractive “pink eye” (or as Princetonians call it, conjunctivitis), a slew of diseases have been making their way across our campus.

Looking around a classroom, it’s especially clear how students have been taking a biological hit. There will invariably be the kid hacking continuously, the girl with the pile of tissues, the guy scratching his pink blob of an eye, and of course, the conspicuously absent who have passed the malaise margin into the realm of the bedridden (and yes, you are probably secretly happy not to be one of those…while also a bit jealous that you’re not in bed right now.)

A pre-med I am not, so I will not try to biologically explain Princetonians’ increasingly astute ability to contract illness. In mommy mode, I can suggest lack of sleep and poor diet choices as possible causes, along with, well, being around each other all the time.

So as you gear up for the next week of paper-writing and cramming, stock up on Vitamin C, perhaps put a few more inches between you and the next guy (however cute he may be) at the library table, and good luck on your exams…


-Nava Friedman '13

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