Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Princeton Trend of the Week: Learning By Osmosis

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If there’s a line in your notes that looks anything like this (or if you laughed when you read the words “your notes”), you may share my affliction—I’m an occasional class-napper. And judging from my experience as a class-attending student (impressive, I know), there are many others like me on Princeton’s campus.

Don’t worry, I know that it’s not because you’re not interested (if that were the case, you’d just use the time to do your online shopping), or that your professor’s voice is the academic equivalent of “Rock-a-bye Baby.” You were probably just up all night working on a problem set, in rehearsal, flirting with that cute freshman…important Princetonian stuff.

And no—I won’t tell you to get more sleep. That would be pointless, and honestly hypocritical. (I’m somewhat known among friends for my all-nighting.)

But I will offer some of the tips I have learned from a varied mix of successful and horribly failed (and unintentional) attempts at catching up on shut-eye in class, or as I like to call it, learning by osmosis:

1) If you can, relegate your naps to lecture classes. Napping in seminars or language classes is NEVER a good idea…and pretty embarrassing. Especially when the teacher notices, which he/she will…trust me.

2) Two words: back corner. Get there a few minutes early if you must, but claim that seat. Much better than snoring in the teacher’s face, front and center.

3) If you feel your eyes starting to shut as you sit down, take a second to set a vibrate alarm on your phone for halfway through class (maybe more than one, if you can).

4) Sit next to a friend who will wake you up—pinch you, punch you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear—whatever works.

5) If all else fails, and you feel that you need to stay awake, there’s always the energy drink. I personally recommend Red Bull shots (not tasty, but quick and mostly painless).

Wakey wakey!!

-Nava Friedman ‘13

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