Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Insider's Guide to the Dining Halls

In the battle of the dining halls - WuCox vs. Whitman? Rocky/Mathey vs. Forbes? - it can be extremely difficult to determine which dining hall around campus is the best option for your eating experience. Some dining halls cater to specific needs better than others, and that’s where “Intersections” comes to the rescue! Here is a quick and dirty guide to which dining hall will best fit your specific taste:

The Vegetarian / Vegan: Wu/Wilcox boasts the most options for vegetarians and vegans around campus. There’s a fully-stocked salad bar with the typical iceberg lettuce, olives, mushroom, tomatoes, and carrots that can be found at all dining halls. However, there are also some great twists on the traditional Caesar salad, even making non-vegetarians fill their plates with the deliciously healthy choices. As a flexitarian (vegetarian on certain days), I love eating the sweet tofu, peas and tomato mixture, as well as the tomato and mozzarella cheese chunks mixture. When you want to lose that Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior 15, hit up WuCox for sure.

Chipotle lover: I have to admit I am slightly disappointed that the nearest Chipotle to campus is about a half hour away. But Tex-Mex lovers, have no fear! Whitman dining hall almost always features a Mexican bar at lunch and dinner. Choices include tacos and soft shells, along with fillings like black beans, chicken, beef, mixed corn, and salsa. Sometimes Whitman goes even a further to include chili-type soups, complete with tortilla chips to put in the soup. Who needs Chipotle?

The fancy restaurateur: For those who enjoy the true experience of eating out, where complex dishes are pre-made to order, Rocky/Mathey is the way to go. You'll see platters of grilled chicken served with sauteed vegetables, and salmon fillets with asparagus spears lined up blissfully alongside them. Word on the street is that there was even steak one time. I wouldn’t put it past the chefs at Rockey/Mathey. So for those who want to pretend to eat on Nassau, Rocky/Mathey is the place to be.

Chocolate die-hard: Forbes has a chocolate fondue foundation. That’s all that needs to be said.

“I scream for ice cream!”: Every dining hall on campus. And that’s why Princeton is the best university in the nation.

-Sophia Deng ‘14

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