Monday, October 4, 2010

Fashion Trend of the Week: Ankle Boots

As summer weather briskly turns to fall, Princeton students must adjust their wardrobes to the new temperatures. Gone are the days of miniskirts and flip-flops, and girls welcome the new weather so they can show off their new knit dresses and this week's fashion trend: ankle boots.

Ankle boots are taking over campus. After being modeled first by students from overseas, this trend has quickly spread to a broader group of girls in the Princeton population. Not only do they look fabulous with that new sweater-dress you bought at J. Crew, but they will keep your feet cozy as you make the trek from the Street to your dorm at 4 AM on a Saturday night.

Suede and studs are definitely in-style this fall, so booties featuring these two styles are definitely a good choice. Leather styles are also quite chic, but are not very practical for wearing around campus. Dark neutrals and black are the most popular, but there is definitely something to be said about choosing ankle boots that are a little more unique. However, if you go for some brightly colored boots, make sure they are the center of your ensemble, not the afterthought.
Celebs are even sporting their ankle boots. Erin Wasson’s black scrunched ankle boots looked fabulous on the red carpet, while Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie wore theirs in a much more casual setting. On campus, ankle boots aren’t worn casually yet, but think about trying them with a pair of tight jeans to replace your UGG boots. It’s not the wintertime just yet! So instead of breaking out the UGGs in the beginning of October, invest in a pair of ankle boots for the coming months—this is definitely not a trend to pass up.

- Lisa Fierstein '14


Alice said...

Showing the versatility of the Ankle boot we have the popular casual ankle boots styles. These boots focus on comfort and aesthetic appeal. You wouldn’t want to bring them out into the wilderness but they look great at dinner parties and in the classroom. Dr. Marten’s Club is a particular popular brand that offers flat ankle boots in colors like black, tan, and bark. They look cute and feature soft sole lining and a welted construction. Uggs are also very popular casual ankle boots.

Raiyan Enchaviz said...

OMG. This ankle boots mania is goin too far. I can say that women have a long list of choices ranging from long ankle boots to high heels to open toed to suit formal, casual, party wear and for numerous other occasions. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I definitely visit here more often.