Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom: A Compilation of Prince Comments

Annnd we’re back.

I am happy to report that, while post-spring break stress might be causing some to refocus on scholarly pursuits, plenty of Princetonians are remembering to comment.

These people have their priorities straight. In the long-run, online commenting is what matters. For when you are gone from this world, your comments will remain.

Comments on “The Prepsters”

“Do these guys go to Princeton?

When you are in the Frist dining room, and look at the passing cross section of the student body passing by, it is apparent that the prevailing style is neo homeless.

My personal favorite are the endless parade of those in rubber shower shoes and grungy cargo shorts.”

– Posted by Intrepid, who was beaten to the punch by this random blogger I found named “V’ (, who appears to have coined the phrase “neo-homeless” to describe a “style about sloppy fitting clothing, more flow, long skirts, warped proportions, eccentric mish-mash and dingy flaws.” I would love to see a Princeton boy with the fashion-balls to pull that off. Do cotton-mouth and two-day-old stubble count as “dingy flaws?”

“WOODY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to get "prepped" by him

– Posted by prepidemic ADDICT, whose wordplay is slightly vague but gets the point across.

Comments on “RandomDorm offers spin on ChatRoulette for collegiates”

“I graduated Rutgers in 1978 and have an email address.”

– Posted by Illogical is right, in acknowledgement of the fact that alumni with .edu email addresses can access RandomDorm.

“yeah…but what loser alum is gonna want to peep in on undergrads…oh, wait…”

– Posted by tiger101. Rutgers alum was just pwned.

Comments on “MLIP (My Life is Princetonian)”

“ ‘A lot of people complain about being single, but based on the sheer number of complaints, the solution seems obvious.’

You mean a dating agency?”

– Posted by Sophomoric, who is onto something. GoodCrush and PFML are free, and that undermines capitalism. I’d feel better about my desperate, existential loneliness if somebody were cashing-in on it (besides the porn industry).

“specifically, one run by the moderator’s bedfellow.”

– Posted by Scarlet Knight in reference to Sophmoric’s comment. I don’t see the logic. But “bedfellow” is a funny word.

“The only thing I learned from Princeton FML is that aside from the trivial differences you noticed, "everyone" here unnecessarily follows trends, complains about the same banal things, and is a poseur or tool. It no more captures the Princeton zeitgeist than the pre-precept discussion or the brief conversation one has with a passing acquaintance. The only difference is that it allows you to call someone out for their stupidity or banality. In other words: unlike the Prince, it's all about the comments.”

– Posted by AH, whose comment is relevant to my interests since it is about comments. Also, doesn’t opting for the French-like “poseur” instead of simply “poser” suggest that you might yourself be a pose(u)r?

-Allie Shea '12

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