Monday, March 8, 2010

Trend of the Week: March 8, 2010

So, it’s midterms week. And we’re all a little bit stressed. As the days of all-nighters, cram sessions, and general panic begin, there is a noticeable change in fashion trends around campus. Yes, we’ve all gotten a bit lazy in the style/personal hygiene department (school comes first, right?), so naturally the trend of the week is … sweatpants.

Sweatpants may not be particularly stylish, but for this week, they fit the bill. When you’re watching the sun rise from Frist (which conveniently is open 24/7 this week) the day of your econ midterm, you’re going to want to be in something comfortable. People will understand if you don’t have the energy to put on a stylish outfit in the mornings. In fact, why not just wear the clothes you slept in?

There are ways to make the sweatpant trend less schleppy and more presentable. Avoiding the slippers/robe is a good first step. Next step – choose a theme to go for. Go sporty, with baggy sweatpants and interesting sneakers, or go preppy, with a cardigan and scarf look. Either way, try to be consistent, and add an interesting accessory that draws the eye. Yes, you can be a stylish sweatpant-wearer!

It’s now time for me to go back to my midterm studying. And, to be honest, I kind of wish I was wearing sweatpants.

-Allie Weiss ‘13

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