Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trailer of the Week: Tron Legacy

OK, full disclosure: the main reason I care about "Tron Legacy" is because the score is being done by those illustrious robot gods of music known as Daft Punk. But surprisingly enough, the rest of the film doesn't look terrible! It looks like director Joseph Kosinski has done a nice job of updating the goofy aesthetic of the original with a fair amount of panache (and more than a little influence from Lady Gaga, it would seem), Jeff Bridges is involved in both grizzled old-man version and a rather impressive digitally young-ified version, and young lead Garrett Hedlund manages to avoid embarrassing himself immediately (which is more than others in his generation can say). Time will tell if Kosinski actually has filmmaking chops to back up his substantial trailer-making skills, or if he's just another Zack Snyder.

And yes, it looks like there's a minute of new Daft Punk here, which initially seems like generic trailer music with the oh-so-dramatic drums and brass, but contains hints of adventurous new directions in a subtle droning bassline and a few harsh electronic grinding buzzes. Let's just hope it's not quite as deranged as the score for opening credits of "Enter the Void" by Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter. Do NOT watch this if you're at all sensitive to insane explosions of flashing lights.

Enter The Void - (Knock Out!) Opening Credits from Kurt_Halfyard on Vimeo.

-Raj Ranade '10

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